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We extend our warmest Welcome to Phil Johnson, Member Benefactor of the Monarchical Chapter

Becoming a "Member Benefactor of the Monarchical Chapter" is a requisite step in attaining knight-, damehood and voting membership in The Royal Order of Saint Constantine the Great and Saint Helen.  Please help us to welcome our newest Members of the Monarchical Chapter of The Royal Order of Saint Constantine the Great and Saint Helen, Phil Johnson is the Founder and CEO of "Hope for U.S. Veterans." 

Together, with his beautiful wife Yvette Johnson as a team, they have been working as essential responders meeting the needs of people quarantine, they have built relationships with numerous organizations such as Disney Veterans Institute, Universal Studios, Miratek, Dell, Ikano Communications, TW Telecom, approximately 150 employers alongside the U.S. Department of Labor, and offer paid internships to Graduates of their training programs.  Such as CCNA, CompTIA, HVAC, Building Maintenance, Culinary Arts. They offer 504 plans to all attending Veterans to provide them with a Win experience.  In addition, they also created partnerships with organizations like Home2Suites, and Orlando Disney Hotels for those there to work their internship programs to provide housing to Visiting Veterans attending classes.  And during the past 12 months, they have been working side-by-side as essential responders, meeting the needs of people who are at risk quarantined in their homes.

Phil and Yvette have partnered with additional organizations such as Federal Corrections, Army Wounded Warriors, Texas Veterans Commission, and others to help provide the training needed. 

 They have partnered with and extended their team to areas like the White House, Department of Education, Colonel Morales former Liaison to the Office of the First Lady, Command Sergeant Major Schneider, with Senator Ted Cruz, and the TWE program ran by Charles Miles (DV and Purple Heart Recipient), U.S. Army Retired Department of Veterans Affairs. For their humanitarian services, they have been honored with Congressional Letters of Recognition from Congressman Olsen, of Support for Congress Woman Sheila Jackson Lee, received Certificates of Achievement from the MOAA, U.S. Department of Army, United States Department Federal Corrections.  Phil Johnson humbly said: "As a Cold War Air Force Veteran, it is my pleasure to continue to serve our brothers and sisters as a member of the Military Veterans Peer Network with the Department of Health and Human Services and hopefully soon be a part of the Veterans Court."   Phil and Yvette have been married for 35 years, have 6 children (4 living), 8 grandchildren, all girls. Again, welcome to the Monarchical Chapter.

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