The Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen

We believe in the power of FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY.    

  • FAITH in Chivalry
  • HOPE in our Benefactors, Knights, Dames, and Nobles
  • CHARITY to help disadvantaged, abused, or neglected Women and Children of the World
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Monarchical Chapter

Anyone interested in Chivalry, Royal Orders, and Royal Houses (ages 18 and above) with a good, reputable record and honorable character can apply and become a member of the Monarchical Chapter. referred to as MONARCHIST, or BENEFACTOR of The Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen.

                              1. Immediately upon receipt of the completed application and your nominal donation you will receive a Welcome Letter, and in due time, which may be several weeks, to allow verification of your Nomination, a member of  the Grand Priory, in whose jurisdiction you reside, will contact you. 
                              2.  At that time you will receive a Certificate and a beautiful Jewel, in recognition your affiliation and our appreciation. 
                              3. You will be introduced via Social Media to our other Benefactors, as well as the Knights, Dames/Ladies and Nobles of our three Royal Orders of Chivalry and you will be listed in the Registry of the Monarchical Chapter as a "MONARCHIST and BENEFACTOR."  
                              4. The Grand Priory will invite you to participate in its activities and you will learn  about the rich heritage of The Sovereign Constantinian Order of Cappadocia and San Bartolomeo as proclaimed the "Principality of Cappadocia" and become familiar with its three Orders of Chivalry.
                              5. You will learn about our Charity, the ST. HELEN HOMES" for Women and Children who are disadvantaged, sexually abused, trafficked and/or in urgent need of temporary medical, physical, psychological, and spiritual assistance and to a normal life.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE, all Knights, Dames and Nobles of the Sovereign and Royal House of Cappadocia or in short as per proclamation "Principality of Cappadocia" are dual Members of the Monarchical Chapter. They are looking forward to meet you, our MONARCHISTS AND BENEFACTORS, and will be delighted to engage you in discussions and in our initiatives.

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