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We believe in the power of FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY.    

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  • Dear Benefactors, Knights, Dames and Nobles.

    By the gracious command of His Royal Highness, Prince Rafael Andujar y Vilches, esteemed guests are humbly summoned to partake in a most illustrious occasion.

    In the esteemed presence of H.E. Baron Alec Stern, the Grand Prior General of the United States, and the leadership of H.E. Baron Dr. James Dentley III, the Grand Prior of Illinois, it is with great honor and privilege that you are cordially invited to attend this auspicious Event.

    This grand gathering shall witness the recognition of twelve (12) Postulants, destined to ascend to knighthood and damehood, celebrated for their exemplary achievements across our esteemed Orders of Chivalry, spanning eight distinguished recognition categories.

    Within the hallowed halls of this Royal House, let it be known that a knighthood, damehood, or noble title can never be bartered, purchased, or bestowed as a mere favor. It stands as a sacred rite, reserved for the chosen few by the esteemed Emperor, King, or Prince vested with the Fons Honorum rights.

    The evening's festivities shall be adorned with the splendor of red carpet photographs and exclusive interviews, culminating in the majestic Royal procession. Live entertainment shall enchant all in attendance, with musical renditions by the renowned Soul Children of Chicago, under the esteemed leadership of the venerable founder, Walter Whitman, whose stewardship has endured for over four decades.

    We extend to you a most esteemed invitation to partake in this noble and unforgettable experience. For your convenience, room reservations may be secured directly with the prestigious SWISSOTEL - CHICAGO, located at 323 E. Wacker Street, Chicago, IL 60601. Please call 844-207-4596 and request the Royal Order's specially negotiated Room Rates: Single or Double Rooms at $249, or Suites at $349.

    May your presence grace this evening with an aura of distinction and grandeur befitting the esteemed occasion at hand.

    In Chivalry,

    H.G. Duke Gerhart Wilhelm Walch of Styria of Cappadocia


    H.E. Baron Dr. James Dentley III. Baron of Saint James of Cappadocia

    For more information and Registration please return to the Home Page.  

    • When
      22 Jun 2024 @ 4:30 PM - 11:00 PM
    • Location
      SWISSOTEL, CHICAGO, 323 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago IL. 60601 - USA


    • 1. One Dinner Ticket – $500.00
      A Dinner Ticket for one person.
    • 2. One Diamond Sponsorship Table with AD – $10,000.00
      Four DIAMOND TABLE Sponsorship Tables are available for ten (10) persons with preferred VIP seating. It includes one inside Front cover AD and inside Back cover AD, at the choice of the first Sponsor.
    • 3. One GOLD Sponsorship Table with Center AD – $8,000.00
      Eight GOLD Sponsorship Tables are available, for ten (10) persons each, with preferred VIP seating.
    • 4. One SILVER Sponsorship Table with AD – $6,500.00
      Two (2) SILVER Sponsorship Tables are available, for ten (10) persons each, with preferred VIP seating. In addition, it includes one Center Aisle AD Placement for each Silver Table Sponsor.
    • 5. One Sponsorship Table – $5,000.00
      Nine Sponsorship Tables are available for ten (10) persons each, or $500 per Ticket.
    • 6. Advertisement – $1,000.00
      One Full Page, Full-Color Advertisement.
      The Table Book of prior Events may be reviewed at
    • 7. Advertisement - Center AD – $2,000.00
      One Full Page, Full-Color Center Advertisement.

      The Table Book of prior Events may be reviewed at
  • Dear Benefactors, Knights, Dames, and Nobles,

    Greetings to you all! As tradition dictates, H.E. Alec Stern, Baron of Boston and the Grand Prior General of the United States, recently hosted our Royal Order's Monthly Zoom call on 4/3/24.

    We are delighted to share the link to the recording of this insightful session with you theGrand Prior General's Zoom Link

    Zoom Passcode: #$qHYp71

    Your thoughts and ideas are highly valued, and we eagerly await your contributions. Your engagement is vital as we continue to uphold the principles of our Royal Order.  You can review pictures from past Events as well as our Initiatives on:

    On behalf of H.R.H. Prince Rafael and the entire Royal House, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and dedication.

    In the spirit of chivalry,

    Duke Gerhart of Styria of Cappadocia

    Master Grand Prior General, CEO and Secretary of State/Prime Minister of the Royal House E-Mail:

  • The Sovereign and Royal House of Cappadocia, and The Royal Order of Constantine the Great and St Helen hosted Florida's first investiture and ennoblement ceremony, at a white tie gala at the historic CRUZ Building in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida.

    Over 100 guests, ladies in fantastic evening gown, and gentlemen in white tie attire. provided a warm welcome for His Royal Highness Prince Raphael Andujar y Vilches,  His & Her Grace Duke Gerhart and Duchess Nancy Atmospera-Walch, Baron Alec Stern, and Baron Sidney Lelulan, III representing the Sovereign Royal House of Cappadocia at this event hosted Dame Didi Wong, DGC, Grand Prior of the Grand Priory of Florida of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen.  In attendance were numerous well known and respected Knights and Dames from throughout the United States.  God Bless them all.

    During this prestigious event, selected nominees have been bestowed with the honor and the title of Knight or Dame/Ladies by His Royal Highness, Prince Rafael Andujar y Vilches, the titular head of the Sovereign and Royal House of Cappadocia and San Bartolomeo, as well as the Prince Grand Master of The Constantinian Order of Cappadocia and The Royal Military Order of Saint Charles.

    A knighthood , damehood or noble title of this Sovereign and Royal House and its Orders of Chivalry cannot be purchased, negotiated, or given as a favor. it is one of the most sacred acts an Emperor, King, or Prince bestowed with Fons Honorum can perform.

    The Sovereign Constantinian Order of Cappadocia had its origins stemming back to the Roman Soldiers who fought for Emperor Constantine I during the Battle of the Milvian Bridge (28 October, 312 A.D.), and with their heroic victory, led Constantine on the path of becoming the sole Emperor of Rome and towards the beginning of Rome’s conversion to Christianity.

    The mission of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and St, Helen is to create a forum for the worldwide community by recognizing worthy men and women of exceptional accomplishment who share a belief in chivalry and the power of faith, hope, and charity, and are therefore deserving of being a part of the Sovereign and Royal House of Cappadocia’s Orders of Chivalry and its Nobility. The Royal Order will sustain, teach, and propagate the Principles of the General Order of Knighthood, following the Knight’s and Dame's Code:

    “A Knight and Dame are sworn to valor.

    Their heart knows only virtue.

    Their blade defends the helpless.

    Their might upholds the weak.

    Their words speak only the truth.

    Their wrath undoes the wicked.

    Their knowledge will defeat ignorance.

    Their skills will be taught to the willing.

    Their temper shall be held by patience.

    They will give aid to those who seek it.

    They will ask for aid when needed.”

     These principles have been defined throughout the history of the Royal Order, with the core values being protecting the weak and innocent, fighting against injustice and oppression, and striving for self-improvement, the betterment of the community, and individual lives. Selected individuals are being  knighted based on the eight Recognition Categories in which they have achieved incredible merit:

    1. Arts & Culture

    2. Architecture and Engineering
    3. Entrepreneurship or Innovation
    4. Heroism
    5. Healthcare
    6. Philanthropy, and Humanitarian Services
    7. Science
    8. Sports

    The list of current participants who have excelled in their field and have met one of the above criteria that are due to be appointed for Knighthood include, by the last name:

    Sir Jack Groshong

    Sir Jerry Plush

    Sir Nick Nanton

    Sir Wess Hall

    As well as the list for participants accepting the honor of Damehood, by the last name:

    Lady Daniella Levine Cava

    Lady Haley Hunt

    Lady Dr. Jen Welter

    Lady Merle Liivand

    It is truly a badge of honor to be not only nominated, recommended and  approved for such a prominent honor and title. Such traditions aren’t as easily witnessed in everyday life, so to have the opportunity to witness and be involved in something so rare was truly wondrous.

    We hope you enjoyed this honorable, unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime event.

    Lady Didi Wong, DGC, Grand Prior of Florida


    Additional sources and information:





  • A wonderful Memory of the Business Session of the Royal Order on June 11, 2023 in Chicago Illinois of the Royal Order's Leadership.

  • Esteemed Constantinian Monarchists, Knights, Dames, and Nobles.

    As we gather in the coming days to celebrate this Season of Gratitude, it is my honor on behalf of His Royal Highness Prince Rafael Andujar Vilches, to express his deepest thanks to each and every one of you. Your dedication to the principles of our Royal House and its Orders of Chivalry has not only enriched our Royal community but also contributed to the betterment of society by emerging as a Beacon of Hope, Faith, and Charity for Humanity.

    In the spirit of "Thanksgiving" let us reflect on the bonds we've forged, the knowledge we've shared, and the charitable works we've undertaken. It is through your collective efforts that we continue to illuminate our members on their journey in chivalry.

    May this Christmas Season bring you moments of joy, warmth, and togetherness with your loved ones. Wishing you, our Constantinian Monarchists, our Knights, Dames and Nobles, and your families a Happy Thanksgiving filled with the blessings of harmony and love.

  • Dear Grand Priors, Officers and Members of our extended Royal Family or Monarchists, including our Benefactors, Knights, Dames and Nobles.

    With this link on behalf of all Officers of our Grand Priory I am able to share with you all for our Postulants their truly once-in a life-time experience, with ancient ceremonies as they have been held from time immemorial.  Please enjoy the PowerPoint of this memorable event.


    This Celebration was held to commemorate the 1711 Anniversary of Constantine's Victory at the Milvian Bridge on October 28, 312 A.D. the changed the world.  

    How exciting it was to welcome our Postulants for Knight- and Damehood, and those Knights and Dames who advanced for Merit to higher Stations to this auspicious Gala Event on such historic date.

    With warmest Aloha (Until we meet again), in Chivalry yours,

    Duchess Dr. Nancy

    H.G. Nancy Atmospera-Walch, Duchess of Vigan of Cappadocia, Grand Prior of Hawaii


  •  October 28, 2023

    Royal Recognition and Charity Gala

    Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort, Coral Ballroom, Honolulu, Hawaii

    The date was October 28, 312 A.D, exactly 1711 years ago, when Constantine I  won the battle at Milvian Bridge in Rome, leading to his rise to Emperor of the Roman Empire and Christianity. He ruled over it from  Constantinople where Cappadocia is located.

    Constantine I created the SOVEREIGN CONSTANTINIAN ORDER OF CAPPADOCIA in honor of his most valiant warriors, who surely would have been killed if they lost the battle, or been captured. He vested this Sovereign Order with the Roman Province of Cappadocia, a kingdom and principality, with a history spanning more than 3,000 years B.C.  Although the Order’s land was lost, yet not the spirit and its rights as a sovereign nation were reaffirmed. Just as in 2011, and 2020, we plan to hold the 3rd Royal Recognition Gala on the Island of Oahu, once the seat of the Kingdom of Hawaii. The only State in the United States with a Royal Palace, built by King David Kalakaua, a true Innovator having installed a phone at the Royal Iolani Palace, even before the White House. He enjoyed the arts, in particular hula dance, and composed music. King Kalakaua surely would have met our Nomination Committee’s strict requirements.

    Together with the officers of the Grand Priory of Hawaii of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen, Duchess Consort Dr. Nancy, Event Chair,  and I plan to meet and exceed your expectations. In Chivalry, Duke Gerhart


    The Tour started at 3:30 PM - at the Palace Ground, 364 S. King Street, Honolulu.

    This tour showcases life and legacy of our last ruling King, who was known as the “Merrie Monarch” and was instrumental in the revitalization of Hawaiian culture during his reign in the late 1800s. The tour will feature historical accounts and personal items belonging to King Kalākaua to help guests better understand not only what Kalākaua achieved locally and globally, but also how his tangible vision of  Iolani Palace, continues to contribute to the Hawaiian way of life and his preservation of hula, history, and tradition.  

    Throne Room of the Royal Iolani Palace

    Royal Recognition Reception

    Immediately following the conclusion of the Royal Iolani Palace Tour into the evening, a Reception will be held, (depending on the weather) either at the grounds of the Royal Iolani Palace or at the Pacific Club, within walking distance from each other. Delicious local dishes and drinks will be served, with a cash bar. Members of the Monarchical Chapter, Knights, Dames, and Nobles of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen will be admitted at no cost, local guests will be charged a small amount. 

    The Iolani Palace at night

    ABOUT PEARL HAVEN, a Ho'ōla Nā Pua Program

    Adopted as St. Helen’s Home in the Islands of Hawaii

    Magnificent Non-profit: Pearl Haven 19 Challenge – Help ...Ho'ōla Nā Pua emerged as a 501(c)3 organization with the purpose of illuminating the criminal realm of sex trafficking, with its mission and community vision deeply rooted in safeguarding the wellbeing of Hawaii's youth. Its unwavering commitment involves preventing child sex trafficking and extending support to exploited youth. Ho'ōla Nā Pua (HNP) is resolute in fostering a secure environment for children and empowering them to embrace the promise of their futures. Today, HNP not only delivers comprehensive programming that annually impacts numerous youth, community members and stakeholders across Hawaiʻi, but it has also gained recognition as a nationwide collaborator and a benchmark in the global campaign to permanently eradicate sex trafficking  The Bromley Family Pearl Haven Campus (Pearl Haven), is a Special Treatment Facility (STF) that opened in Spring 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Pearl Haven’s 32-bed residential treatment program is designed to provide a continuum of care and trauma-informed therapeutic services for youth ages 11-17, determined to have Severe Emotional and Behavioral Disturbances (SEBD), with an emphasis on youth who have experienced sexual trauma or are at high risk of sexual exploitation and/or trafficking. Visit for more information. 

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Royal Decree No. 117/2020 - We, His Royal Highness Don Rafael Andujar Y Vilches, of San Bartolommeo, by the grace of God and hereditary rights, sovereign and titular head of the Royal House of Cappadocia, Prince of Cappadocia, Prince of San Bartolommeo, etc., ... we have resolved and resolve to promote our esteemed Knight, Sir Gregory Arlon Pentecost to the Rank of: "Knight Grand Cross" of The Royal Order of Saint Constantine the Great and Saint Helen Foundation.

Recognizing Exceptional Individuals

Grand Priory of Hawaii - 2021 Annual Conclave and Installation of elected Grand Officers, held on February 17, 2021 in commemoration of our Founder's, Emperor Constantine the Great's birthday.  In accordance with the Rules of The Royal House of Cappadocia, His Grace Gerhart Wilhelm Walch Duke of Styria of Cappadocia acted as the Personal Representative of His Royal Highness, the Prince Grand Master and together with His Grace Duke Michael of Aswan of Cappadocia, Deputy Grand Master, they presented his best wishes in virtual form, which will be attached to the Video of this solemn Conclave. Sir Bishop Thomas Mount opened the Conclave with an inspiring Prayer.  The following elected Officers were installed: Sir Sid Leluan, acted as the Installing Officer with elegance and grace.  The Officers of the Grand Priory are:  H.E. Sir Gregory Arlan Pentecost, KGC, Most Eminent Grand Prior, Sir James Boersema (Col. U.S. Army ret.), Right Eminent Grand Vice Prior, Sir Dr. Arnold Villafuerte, Right Eminent Grand Chancellor, and Sir Dustin T. Verity, Right Eminent Grand Silvermaster will be installed at a later date, together with the appointed grand officers.

Members, Knights, Dames, and Nobles in the News

Becoming a "Member Benefactor of the Monarchical Chapter" is a requisite step in attaining knight-, damehood and voting membership in The Royal Order of Saint Constantine the Great and Saint Helen.  Please help us to welcome the two newest Members of the Monarchical Chapter of The Royal Order of Saint Constantine the Great and Saint Helen:

Attorney/Entrepreneur Christeen N.A. Walch, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Styria of Cappadocia.  Chris is the co-founder and COO of LifeScore which has been crowned on March 8, 2021, the UK’s most innovative MediaTech company after securing backing from both a high-profile judging panel and readers of tech publication BusinessCloud.  The London-based start-up, which uses AI (artificial intelligence) to adapt music to the listener’s environment, was named           No. 1  on the 100 MediaTech Innovators ranking for 2021Duchess Dr. Nancy decided to honor this achievement by making the Benefactor donation.

Captain The Honorable Rev. Dr.  Vance L Whippo, is a Mental Health Practitioner and Certified Clinical Chaplain who owns his own practice in Washington state. He received his doctorate in ministry with a focus in psychology and chaplaincy. He was Ordained with the Anglican Church, USA in 2012. He uses his formidable knowledge to work with trauma victims and couples. He has served in the military for over 36 years, serving in all enlisted ranks and being commissioned an officer currently as a Captain in the  Chaplain Corps of the Reserves, National Guard and State Guard.

Ongoing Initiatives

  • Membership Development:  To achieve sustainable membership growth with a clear path of advancement based on service in the form of time, talent and/or treasure,
  • Our Charity:  To continue our efforts of establishing Grand Priories, Priories and Chapters worldwide, each determined to maintain a “Royal Home for Women  and Children” in need, and
  • Our Legacy:   Our Efforts to rebuild our Royal House to its rightful place in history.  We plan to do so through the acquisition, development and management of real estate assets and operations that can be improved with Innovation, Creativity, and Capital

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