The Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen

We believe in the power of FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY.    

  • FAITH in Chivalry
  • HOPE in our Benefactors, Knights, Dames, and Nobles
  • CHARITY to help disadvantaged, abused, or neglected Women and Children of the World

Aloha from the Grand Priory of Hawaii

Dear Grand Priors, Officers and Members of our extended Royal Family or Monarchists, including our Benefactors, Knights, Dames and Nobles.

With this link on behalf of all Officers of our Grand Priory I am able to share with you all for our Postulants their truly once-in a life-time experience, with ancient ceremonies as they have been held from time immemorial.  Please enjoy the PowerPoint of this memorable event.


This Celebration was held to commemorate the 1711 Anniversary of Constantine's Victory at the Milvian Bridge on October 28, 312 A.D. the changed the world.  

How exciting it was to welcome our Postulants for Knight- and Damehood, and those Knights and Dames who advanced for Merit to higher Stations to this auspicious Gala Event on such historic date.

With warmest Aloha (Until we meet again), in Chivalry yours,

Duchess Dr. Nancy

H.G. Nancy Atmospera-Walch, Duchess of Vigan of Cappadocia, Grand Prior of Hawaii


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