The Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen

We believe in the power of FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY.    

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  • CHARITY to help disadvantaged, abused, or neglected Women and Children of the World
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Royal Order Meeting of October 5, 2022

The regularly scheduled meeting for the month of October 2022 was well attended.  This meeting has been recorded for your convenient review, and the link will be provided to our members via Royal Order e-mail.

"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.  So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.  You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, or whatever. By Steve Jobs.

On behalf of H.R.H. Prince Rafael, I wish to thank  all who attended this important meeting. Our joint commitment to achieve our Vision and Mission, together with your active participation will guide us for the rest of this Century.       


To perpetuate and expand knightly virtues, to encourage intellectual rigorousness, to recognize exemplary conduct and achievement, to enhance Society through leadership that nurtures, develops and inspires the innovators of tomorrow. We believe in the Power of FAITH in Chivalry, HOPE in our Members, Benefactors, Knights, Dames and Nobles, and our CHARITY  the "Royal Homes for Women and Children in need."


To create a forum for the worldwide community by recognizing worthy men and women of exceptional accomplishment, who share our believes in chivalry and in the the power of FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY, and therefor deserve being knighted and part of the Chivalric Orders and Nobility of the "Sovereign Constantinian Order of Cappadocia and San Bartolomeo," in short "The Sovereign and Royal House of Cappadocia" or simply the "PRINCIPALITY OF CAPPADOCIA."

In Chivalry yours, God Bless our Principality, its Royal Orders of Chivalry and Prince Rafael,

Duke Gerhart    

H.G. Duke Gerhart Wilhelm Walch of Styria of Cappadocia, CEO of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen, Prime Minister and Secretary of State, Sovereign Constantinian Order of Cappadocia "Principality of Cappadocia"


  • Sending my Note of THANKS to the ROYAL ORDER MEDIA TASK FORCE who prepared, coordinated, hosted and/or contributed to this lively event, listed in alphabetical order:

    Sir James Dentley III, Lady Debby Leluan, Sir Sidney Leluan III, Sir Bishop Thomas Mount, Sir Alec Stern, H.R.H. Prince Rafael Andujar y Vilches.

    Host and Sponsor of this meeting: JD3 Media and JD3TV, a streaming platform that inspires, educates, empowers and entertains America. Chicago, Illinois.
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